Saturday, March 19, 2011

Vacation Togs

An impending trip to Costa Rica (!) for a wedding (!!) has me thinking of...clothes. Well, some casual resort pieces seem like they would fit into the landscape. I always feel 100 times more relaxed when I know I'm traveling with contingencies covered--rainy weather, lost passport, old map, broken sandal strap...bring it on, I've prepped for any setback! I like feeling like I planned ahead because I can enjoy the vacation instead of trying to hunt down a pharmacy because I forgot to pack a few bandaids. So, even if I don't end up needing that ib profen, I still feel at ease knowing I have it just in case.

A few of the items below are accompanying me, a few are some that I wish were accompanying me, and a few are just for fun. (I left out boring bandaid and sunscreen photos even though that would've have made for a more holistic visual packing list.)

1. Barneys tote
2. Rosa Cha suit
3. J Brand cutoffs
4. JCrew hat
5. ASOS beach shirt
6. JCrew sandals
7. Missoni jumper
8. T by Alexander Wang dress
9. OPI polish
10. Anthropologie necklace
11. Mosley Tribes sunglasses
12. Tom's shoes

I'm excited for some sun (just a little, I'll be sporting a hat religiously), and some relaxation (just a bit, since it'll be a short trip) :)

Any packing preferences? Are you going to get some time in the sand this spring?


  1. I'm still trying to figure out what is real and what is on your wish list, but I hope you have that expensive beautiful bathing suit because you would look amazing in it!

    PS I reread my comments several times to ensure they are error free to avoid ridicule of my poor grammar. I had to make 3 corrections today not including spelling.

  2. @Stephanie
    #1, 2, 8 and 10 would have be fun to have, but I don't own them. sigh. The other stuff is something that I have or something pretty similar to what I packed (usually at a lower price point!). Alas, the swimsuit is not mine!

    haha, I can hardly be critical of any of that when my proofreading for the posts themselves is far from thorough.