Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Hold me closer, tiny credenza...

Actually, the credenza I have in the "foyer" isn't that tiny. You can see it hosting some candlelit bottles here, and it's also home to an infrequently used (but still fun!) guest book, and some photos of Home Monochromatic Dynamic inhabitants. It was also used as a catch-all for mail and other walk-in-the-door-paraphernalia: receipts, keys, glasses, bags, coupons... But that's not the only place that was covered in those incidentals--the kitchen counter had its fair share, too:

Basically, all this clutter had to be corralled. Enter tray from HomeGoods, vintage bowl and bin from World Market. It's great how getting a few things (or just finding a use for something you already have) can give you a routine that helps keep things in order. Now the important mail has a home in the trays, the keys get dropped off in the bowl, and the ads and mailers that aren't used can go directly into the bin underneath, which gets taken out with the rest of the recycling.

Hooray! Someday I'll get around to refinishing the credenza (a craigslist find that fits the space nicely, but received an interesting stain from previous owners--note its "paws" from where the stain wasn't painted)...

Full disclosure, some mail for the upstairs residents does sneak its way on the landing of the stairs, but it's not too obtrusive looking, so I'm ok with it. Also, the front door and windows are at least 4 feet away from this little credenza zone, so no worries about an baddies reaching in a broken window and grabbing a set of keys.

It's easier for me to sort solicitous mail from the genuine stuff now that I know that presorted standard mail isn't forwarded by USPS--if it's not important enough to be forwarded onto me, it's probably not something that's worthwhile anyway--so I can shred or toss those items that look like a requested insurance quote or a check from a mysterious entity without wasting too much time looking at it.

Any mail stations in your place that have some form and function? Any tricks for weeding out those useless mailers?

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  1. Yea for organization! It makes life so much easier. And I can't wait to see how the refinishing project turns out.