Thursday, March 17, 2011

The Golden Touch

So I know that gray and gold can complement each other--I wear clothes/jewelry with that combo and love it--but it took seeing this AT post to make the realization that it could work well for Home Monochromatic Dynamic.

I did a double take on this because I have a vacant mantel space that's painted gray, very tall, and not as wide (it juts out of the wall and is flanked by this and this). And I was looking for a round mirror for it--because it really hit me a couple weeks ago that everything in my place was square. Or rectangular. Basically, every furniture idea, piece of art, or decor item (except maybe this) was a box. sheesh. Time to get a little more balance. So I was casually perusing craigslist for a huge round mirror and hadn't come across anything until I saw the AT photo and starting thinking that gold would be a great option. And this came up...

Wahoo! I'm psyched about it--obviously so psyched that I'm sharing a photo of it even before it's mounted on the wall (which will undoubtedly be an adventure). And now I can finally stop kicking myself for not buying a huge mirror that I saw at Last Call Neimans (I was waiting for it to go on "more" sale, and evidently someone else wasn't)--it was square anyway. :)
Done any thinking outside the box lately?

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  1. That is an unexpected but really cool color combination. It really works. Excited to see the results!