Thursday, February 3, 2011

Some Privacy Please!

I might have mentioned in a previous post that I have been slow to add drapes to cover the sliding doors in the great room and the master bedroom. Well, I finally got to one of them! After pulling inspiration from various sources (which included taking weird, poor-resolution photos with my phone in hotel lobbies and stores--not that I'm in hotel lobbies all that often, but this did take over a year...)

Anyway, I also pulled inspiration from shelter magazines--including lots of photos from different curtained rooms in this home that used simple dark curtain rods:

Architectural Digest Dec 2010
 And other inspirational sights like this:

Oh wait, that last photo is actually my temporary screen in my bedroom (yes, in Home Monochromatic Dynamic, "temporary" can mean well over a year). I have plans to redo it somehow and use it elsewhere in the house, but I'll be putting it in the garage for awhile since I'm just that tired of it!

Well, here's the finished product:

The color is a little different in real life--don't know if this could justify a new camera...

I'm so excited about it! Although waking up is a little harder when it's so cozy and dark in the morning, I think I'll get over it. I find it makes such a dramatic difference in the room. I used IKEA linen curtains and curtain rods. It took 6 curtain panels to span the entire wall (it's shy of 15 feet). The rods meet exactly in the middle and go all the way to the sides of the room (I eschewed the decorative end caps that came with the rods)

FYI, careful with curtain panel shrinkage! Here's a view of how different the curtain lengths were before they were hemmed. Luckily the shorter ones still left just enough material to work with.

Now to figure out placement for the mirror that was in the corner and decide on some art for the other walls...
Annnnd maybe I should look for some overheard lighting for the bedroom (the lack of adequate lighting might offer a better reason the color doesn't photograph quite as accurately...I suppose I'll be hanging onto my camera for awhile longer...)


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