Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Plant one on me

Happy Belated Valentine's Day! Even though the bf and I said no gifts that cost money, I had some plant life waiting for me when I got home yesterday evening. Aww. :)

I had to improvise with the vase technique--I don't have any vases tall enough for sunflowers and I don't have any traditional vase filler options, so some unshelled nuts left over from Christimas and some twine to stabilize the stems were the way to go. Note the bathroom vanity that needs to be redone sometime in the future...

He also got me a plant that "should be easy enough to keep alive"...we'll see.

And, non-Valentine's related, but while we're on the topic of plants, I added some hardy little succulents to the planter I originally posted here.

Maybe it's the warmer weather, but I keep envisioning dozens of plants throughout the house and replanting the backyard... Expect more vegetation posts this spring!


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