Monday, February 7, 2011

Office Nook

I noted the transitional state of Home Monochromatic Dynamic earlier, and how furniture is moving around to accomodate using the loft as a bedroom. Sometimes I prefer the rearranged result and sometimes I don't. This falls into the former category (yippee!). The great room previously had a curvy-ish loveseat in the space between the fireplace and the backdoor wall, as seen here. In emptying the loft, my big desk (I have a smaller--and awesome--vanity I use as a mini-desk in my bedroom) had to move, and the only spot for it was that loveseat nook. Magically, it fit, and I love the setup.



Desk via Craigslist, of course
Chair via another Craigslister

With the current setup, I'm still near natural light, I have all the outlets I need right there, and I am more likely to take mail that needs to be filed and put it directly in the applicable desk cubby until it gets filed permanently (I used to have to run upstairs to do that). I was using a larger chair when the desk was in the loft and experimented with another chair after the downstairs move, but I ultimately decided the lucite chair (previously at my bedroom mini-desk/vanity) would work the best since it isn't physically bulky and doesn't visually take up room. See how it looks practically invisible!?

Now I think I need some art/usuable organization/something awesome to go above the desk. Any ideas?

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  1. You need an animal head above the desk. Love the chair!!!