Friday, February 25, 2011

Goodwill Hunting

So, the other night I was in a spendy mood and felt like bargain hunting and made it to "my" Goodwill (ok, the one nearest to Home Monochromatic Dynamic). And scored some cool items! It took some deliberation and a lot of carrying things around the store while I made a decision (play-by-play: I wander through store with arms full of various items, see a potentially awesome addition to the house, put down other items while looking around to make sure no one will swipe them (which would never happen because there are only 2 other peaceful looking people in the store), pick up the newly discovered object, debate, step back, flip upside down (the item, not me), decide it makes it to the next level of commitment (being held with the other items), re-situate the existing potential treasures so I can carry all of them and wander off to another area. Phew. Anyway, these are the items that made the cut, as seen in their now-natural habitats:

Glass bowl, spotted bananas not included

Dark wood tray (hand-carved as a project, I think) to add some contrast and depth to an end table
A short candlestick to add to a bathroom tableau

I also hunted-and-gathered a dark wood bowl made by the same person as the tray above and 2 silver candle plates (the later of which are currently in the freezer so I can flake off some wax residue more easily).

Ah, bargain hunting urge has been sated, most of the new finds are integrated into the house and it only set me back $12!

Who loves a productive Goodwill visit?! Any good secondhand steals (not literally, of course) to share?


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