Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Color Me Sane

Sometimes it's the little organizational things that make me feel accomplished (or the lack thereof that can absurdly drive me insane). Water glasses left around the house is one of those phenomenons. I am a frequent offender--one glass in the kitchen, the living room, next to my bed, on my desk--and compounded with a few additional glasses from the sibling roomies it's a recipe for I-don't-know-if-that-glass-is-mine disaster. And a too-frequently run dishwasher. Sooo, I had been thinking of ways to mitigate the number of glasses without resorting to dehydration. And during a shopping stop at Anthropologie, these caught my eye:

Great, right? I could do a different color for each of us and they're fun and easily identifiable. But I was hung up on the price, so I shelved the idea until I popped into World Market recently, noticed these and brought them home:

Yep, you can see they're already in use. And that I should have found a white background for a better comparison photo......ok, I'm over it. For about the price of one Anthro tumbler I got all three! The glass quality might be lesser, but I think we can handle it and the size of the World Market version is larger, which is a benefit that might make up for any lack in quality.

Ah, I love easy fixes--even when they fix problems that aren't that big in the scheme of things but have the potential to irritate me--yep, I feel more easy-going already. Any little setbacks that drive you nuts? Or things that seem inconsequential but make you feel like all is right in the world?


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