Monday, January 3, 2011

A shout out to my (ceiling) fans!

Ugh, ceiling fans. So unattractive, yet so necessary. I finally caved and got a couple ceiling fans--one for the upstairs bedroom and one for the loft.  All the rooms (well, the loft, both bedrooms and the great room) are wired for fans and connected to wall switches to operate the light and a wheel to operate the fan speed. Now, I know that the only thing more unattractive than a ceiling fan is a ceiling fan with a light, but I needed that option in both rooms. So even the 1% of attractive fans out there (.000001% of which are within my budget) look unfortunate with a light attached. The lights seem to look like an afterthought on the sleeker fans...

Well, I'm done complaining--it's hard to continue when you're typing in a perfectly moderated breeze-filled room. And the look is really growing on me, especially since the ceiling is high.

I wanted something with balanced-looking blades, a proportional light, no palm fronds or excessive faux distressing, and no pull-string in the middle of the light. The latter partly because I'll use the wall switch to operate the light and fan levels and partly because the look always makes me think of a burlesque dancer. I also made sure that the light actually illuminated--I looked at quite a few fans that had a dim halogen bulb, which works if you're planning on having supplementary lighting, but wasn't ideal in this situation.

I still need to find a large one for the great room and a flushmount one for the master bedroom. The great room fan could be a challenge since both it and the loft fan will be visible as one looks toward the front of the house through the great room. But at least the great room doesn't need a fan with a light!


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