Friday, January 21, 2011

Shoe In

My closet is a decent size for my needs, but I still like to maximize space with organizational ideas and by minimizing my stash of clothes/shoes/bags.  Ok, who am I kidding? I am far from a minimalist! Buuuuut I do try to keep things under control. I posted my jewelry storage awhile ago and I tried to use the similar concept of using vertical space to store my shoes in a visible way. I had previously been using those ubiquitous shoe organization cubby/shelf cubes on the floor of my closet, so that concept morphed into vertical show storage when I remodeled the closet space (which is a longer description for another post).

Just for some personal embarrassment reference, here's the before:
 What items do I actually wear?!

 Boots piled in the corner...

...because the cheapy hangers can't sustain their weight!

I went through the shoes and got rid of those that weren't working for me and did the same with the jewelry. I subbed out the boot hangers with metal versions and added another row of hooks under the framed jewelry (the hooks are actually IKEA curtain hangers that went unused after the bathroom and closet curtains were put up) for belts and huge necklaces (and moved the clothes to the hook in my bedroom).
And hooray!
It's much more cheery in here than the lighting/my camera would lead one to believe

Phew. Another portion of the house that's clutter-free. I need to get out of the house after all this...maybe I'll go shopping...?

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  1. Shopping? YES! Let's fill that neatly organized closet even more!