Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Might as well get Fancy AND Dance-y

A couple years ago I was celebrating the 4th of July at a backyard barbeque in Atlanta (post-Peachtree Road Race) and a southern belle-type (maybe I'm generalizing, but in a lovable way) met us out in the shared backyard sporting some drinks in crystal glasses (recently purchased off her bridal registry, if I recall correctly). She had a fun message that the fancy stuff should get used even if the setting was less than fancy--she owns the stuff, so why not?!

Even though I don't have any Wedgwood to use, I agree with the concept that things should earn their keep--I'm a proponent of using cloth napkins for everyday meals and having a lit centerpiece for dinners (the latter makes my cooking look more palatable, anyway). Even if the meal is casual, the dinner can always look thoughtful.

That said, my daily tablecloth is looking a little tired and I don't have enough cloth napkins, so after debating some easy-to-care-for and affordable table linens and shopping some sales, this is what I ended up with...

1. Crate&Barrel Runner
I got 2 runners, thinking they might work instead of placemats for the rectangular breakfast nook table (another cool Craigslist find and I'll post sometime).
2. Crate&Barrel Placemat
These might go back if they end up being super shimmery in person, but I like the gradations of color and the mixed metals look.
3. CB2 Napkins
Although I'm not smitten with these napkins, I was thinking they might complement black/grayish heathered ones I got at Ross and some I was gifted from ZGallerie--which don't seem to be available on their site, but they're the fourth photo.

I like the idea of being able to throw together different napkins that still make for a cohesive table setting. And if the usual dining suspects in the house each have their own pattern, maybe we can reuse the same napkin for a few meals and reduce the need to launder them...

So, all of my purchases are allegedly machine washable and I was able to use a sweet Crate and Barrel giftcard. We'll see which items make the cut when they arrive on my doorstep...

I'm still on the hunt for some awesome and versatile napkin rings (not versatile in the sense that they would have uses other than napkin rings, ha, but that they would work in various table settings) or some inspriation so I can DIM (do-it-MYself)!

Any napkin ring leads? Tips for laundering table linens? Do you keep cloth napkins around for a couple meals or wash everytime?


  1. Check out They have wonderful modern (and monochromatic) decor, furniture, etc. The only negative, and a big one in my book, is that they don't have textiles. No curtains, no napkins, no tablecloths, etc.

  2. @Jen--Thanks for the tip! They have some cool stuff, I just requested a catalog. I don't know if I'd purchase this, but it made me smile:

  3. That is really cute! I love (all in caps) their miniature chairs. I just wish they weren't so expensive, well and to be honest I have no idea what I'd do with dozens of little chairs.