Monday, January 10, 2011

The Light of My Backyard!

My backyard/patio is in a pretty absymal state. Well, it's clean (thanks to my lovely bf), but it's also a graveyard of failed plants, patio furniture that needs refinishing, and general indecision. I am resolving to fix that in the coming months, but I want to tackle some fun stuff now--like patio light strands! One step at a time, right? But seriously, with an outdoor shindig planned in the near future the lights will come in handy and I don't have to wait for warmer weather for the results.

Some light strand inspirations--even though mine would be looped under a patio awning...

Info from Remodelista

Golden Globe lights - info from Apartment Therapy
Any favorites? Have you come across anything you love for outdoor lighting that is easy on the installer? Any suggestions for some budget friendly options?


  1. @ChambrayCountess Thanks--I may get both and compare--unless I find less expensive options (crossing fingers!)