Saturday, January 15, 2011

Laser Leveler Envy

I mentioned that I'm slowly (but surely, I promise!) finishing some paintings for the great room. They're been leaning up against the wall for a bit too long, so I thought hanging them might help motivate me and let me use a new impulse buy, this laser leveler. The process when well, but the leveler does have some quirks that I needed to work around--the laser will still light for angles that aren't a straight horizontal line (when it's set for a straight horizontal line), but it was easy enough to tell when that was happening and I double checked the line with a classic level and a measurement from the floor. The light was really helpful when hanging, though--it definitely beat little pencil marks all over the wall and having to recruit multiple people to get all the spacing correct and hold measuring tapes.  Here's some laser-ing in action (the leveler has a pin in the back and you just stab it into the wall and it hangs there):

Any fun toys you've purchased recently that you may not have needed, but make some tasks a little easier or are just cool?


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