Saturday, January 29, 2011

Ikat, You-kat...

A pair of Ikat shorts highlighted on this delighful blog reminded me of a pillow I have...

I bought a sample of the fabric from Calico Corners as potential drape material and was subsequently called crazy by people I love. If only that were the first time... Anyway, my lovely mother made me some pillows for Christmas (because I asked nicely, naturally), and this fabric is getting some airtime in the living room. Take that, ikat-haters! :)

Update: Check out what I discovered among Neiman's home goods! How crazy is that?! (And the pillow is $60 on sale, so my fabric sample route happens to be far more affordable!)


  1. I love that fabric! Those pillows turned out great!

  2. Ikat would be a bit much for a giant wall of floor to ceiling drapes in a monochromatic house, but I love it as an accent!