Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Clean Sweep

As I'm coming up on a birthday, I'm antsy to clean out more clutter--I have furniture, clothes, knick-knacks, kitchen items (list never ends...) that I could easily part with. And that I should part with, because some items just aren't earning their keep.

Because of a new sibling roomie, my home was a disaster zone in transition this summer, since all the items that were in the loft (desk, bed, books and tchochkes on the wall-to-wall built in bookshelves, files and closet miscellany) had to be distributed throughout the house--or distributed out of the house! And other storage spaces had to be carved out, too.

I was able to schedule 2 garage sales between weekend trips and commitments and they went really well. As in, paid-for-a-couple-plane-flights well (the 1st one was 10 times more successful than the 2nd, though). I might be addicted to that great cleansing feeling of decluttering (and making some money on the side makes it all the sweeter)!

Glimpse of some garage sale action

Does your birthday ever lead you to make some changes? I'm more likely to create birthday resolutions than New Year's ones.


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