Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Candles + Bottles

Had a soiree at Home Monochromatic Dynamic recently and put some of my ever-growing collection of craft beer bottles to decorative use. Thanks mostly to the bf, I have a constant influx of beer that comes in bottles of different sizes and shapes. I thought the curvy bottles were cool and I like the slight variation in the deep brown colors, so I held onto a ton of them...and then bathed them.

Wellll, it seemed the best way to get a ton of the labels off at once. Some just floated to the surface, and others were a little more stubborn. I was able to remove quite a few unscathed and press them in case the bf decides to get crafty and use them for something!
Here's one tableau on in the foyer...

I lit the candles early because I was trying to get some wax dripping down the sides so the white candle/dark bottle contrast was lessened, but I had no success with my first round on the credenza (I guess that means IKEA sells good candles...?). However, some lovely guests helped me out and put out some candle/bottle combos outdoors, and the breeze must have contributed to the wax I'll know how to achieve the effect next time!

Have you come across any other bathtub uses? Any other ways to turn trash into something illuminating?

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  1. Pretty! I love re-purposing ordinary things into something chic.