Friday, January 7, 2011

Am I on the Placemat Rebound?

Curse the color variations on computer screens! I received the items I detailed in my last post and nothing was quite as it seemed--color-wise, anyway. The CB2 napkins were decidedly green (which is great, it just didn't fit my vision, so they're headed back) and the runner and placemats were very tan, not a grayish/taupe-y/mushroom color like I had anticipated. I have to get better at my color perception!

Anyway, I was cruising through the OneKingsLane sales (I love the site, posted about it here) and came across these:
Magenta Inc. Tuxedo Placemat

I like the tailored contrast, they look far from austere, they're machine washable and they're priced at $35 for 12. Not too shabby, but I always search elsewhere before clicking that purchase button. And they're on sale on the magenta site for ..... $80 for 12, down from the original $188 for 12.

Looks like I could have a new shipment of placemats coming my way, which will help ease the pain (ok, I wasn't that devastated, but still) of the other not-quite-optimal-for-me purchases. I'm envisioning a big white plate on the placemat and thinking that it'll look good with the placemat piping. Thoughts? Am I just into the placemats because I'm on the rebound? I'm still debating... (But I'll have to debate quickly since it's a limited quantity and limited time sale!)

PS, If you want an invite to OneKingsLane, you can email me at and I'll send you one. (I get a kickback if you purchase something--can't complain about that).


  1. I like the green equivalent of the brown/tan one. I just don't need a dozen. I don't even think we could fit a dozen people comfortably in our tiny apartment. ha ha

  2. I like the style and color combo- you are brave to online shop! I can never tell what color anything is ;)