Tuesday, December 28, 2010

I *Finally* Contained Myself

After my shameful before photo and my journey (ok, multiple journeys) to the Container Store and Goodwill, I finally have the closet under the stairs under control. Yippee! 

Ok, the vacuum rolls in there, so it's not typically quite as "spacious"-looking.
Separate bins for cards, small hardware, sewing supplies, tape and glue and drawers with Sharpies (a favorite writing utensil), calligraphy pens, magazines, and (possibly my favorite drawer label) "Things that Cut". Items I want to be able to see or I might need frequently are in open organizers--which reminds me that I should probably get a second flashlight--all the paint is shelved and labeled, and the gift wrapping is moved out to the garage (garage organization will be a post for another day...)

I've already been happy that I can easily find items and love that I can simply roll out the vacuum instead of extricating it. Oddly enough, this does not increase my desire to vacuum.

PS--Goodwill can be an organizational item goldmine! I didn't find everything I needed, but I was able to get magazine storage and some wire baskets.


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