Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Hooked Back on Monochromatic Dynamic

Whee! I'm back to the blog. So many things to share that have happened, that need to happen and that I want to happen to Home Monochromatic Dynamic.  But here's a tiny project to ease into it...

I try to justify aimless shopping by thinking it always pays to dig through sale sections regardless what you come in a store to find. While searching for some sandals I saw online (sometimes I like doing online reconnaissance before I venture into a store), I checked out UrbanOutfitters home items, (clearance priced and marked down) and found this awesome wall hook.

It weighs a ton and I love the shape, finish, and hinged hooks. The price was right ($9!) so I purchased it without having a specific destination in mind. So, when cold weather hit and I witnessed a trend (a pile of cardis and pullovers on a box next to my bedroom door, I knew where that hook I purchased needed to go.

Not bad for $9. That's technically under $1 a hook...hehe.

Ever had anything socked away that came in handy later--like that swimsuit you bought on clearance in December or that dress you wore for a last-minute invite, but purchased without a specific event in mind?


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