Thursday, December 30, 2010

Bird's Eye View

So I'm playing around with the great room furniture, trying to come up with placement for some ottomans to find a seating arrangment that works--knowing that some other items are going to be moved around throughout the house in the near future, but the core setup will remain the same.

I'm still excited about these sofas--a fantastic craigslist purchase that was fun and educational--the Lou Regester sofas were the the "dance room" or sun room of an amazing historic redwood house and were meticulously cared for and regularly reupholstered by the original owner. There are 2 additional seats and a half, you can sort of see them in the background of the breakfast nook in this post. Ideally, I'd have them reupholstered in a less golden toned material, but that can wait and I can't complain about their current state.

The ottomans were an awesome find in a more usual circumstance--on super clearance sale at Target. I purchased 4 and got them to my car and then realized that I could not Tetris them in. Fortunately my bf came to the rescue and I didn't have to sit on an ottoman in the Target parking lot forever.

I think some other furniture will make its way out to the great room, and maybe I'll be getting some items on the wall before too long...Thoughts on the arrangements? FYI, the TV mount is just to the right of the fireplace. 

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  1. I like that the set-up is very conducive to conversation. I wonder if this will change now that the TV mount has been finished?