Saturday, July 3, 2010

Sweet potato fries

My sister wanted to take advantage of a special on salmon burgers, so we planned a meal centered around them. A slight variation on your typical burger should be accompanied with a slight variation on your typical fry, so we decided to try making sweet potato fries as a side.

How handy that my brother is well-versed in frying, since roughly 50% of all his home-cooked meals involve it. He brought over his fryer and cooked the fries perfectly.

This was news to me, sweet potatoes are not orange before they are cooked. This caused some kitchen confusion--basically I was convinced that my sister picked up the wrong tuber. I'll never doubt you again, sis. On this subject, anyway.

We used canola oil and put each batch of sliced sweet potatoes in the fryer for about 3 minutes, until they were goldeny-orange.

We seasoned half with cinnamon and sugar and the other half with some chili powder. Both were excellent, and good together, too.

Honestly, the leftover fries were even delicious straight out of the refrigerator. And for that very reason I don't think I'll be purchasing my own fryer anytime soon.

Any other fried delights to share? I want to try out fried bananas, any tips?

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  1. I had never had sweet potato fries until I moved to the East Coast and they are delicious. That slight sweetness is a nice contrast.