Thursday, July 8, 2010

Natural Ruggedness

I finally made it to HomeGoods and had fun wandering around checking out the decor and furniture choices. This rug was a purchase from said trip. I'm not sure A) if I should keep it and B) if I do keep it, which side is optimal.

Tonal, peaceful, dirt-hiding gray? Fresh, summery, contrasting white? Or just leave the floor alone?

Care to opine?


  1. Does it serve a purpose? Wood floors are easy to clean, it seems like that would just complicate things...or go with the white side.

  2. Natural "ruggedness." You kill me! So does the rug- if you aren't sure, ditch it. The right one will leave no room for doubt. But it will leave enough room to showcase the gorg floor.

  3. Thanks for the feedback! I ultimately returned the rug. And managed not to purchase any additional HomeGoods offerings while I was there.