Saturday, July 10, 2010

I'm pulling for you, Basil...

I really am. I have a very difficult time cajoling plants to stay alive. It seems like I over-water or under-water, fry them in the sun or deprive them of enough light, and when I sing to them they immediately wilt.

sigh. Basil was a necessary ingredient for a dinner last week and the actual plant was less pricey than the picked leaves so, against my better judgment, I set myself up for heartache and bought it. I planted it in its terra cotta coffin pot and it's survived several days so far.

Perhaps to encourage my gardening, or support my recent success non-failure I was gifted this awesome Sagaform planter (that I know came from a one of my favorite shopping methods--a Gilt sale)...

...and I can't wait to plant some herbs! Mostly because I'm under the impression that my plants will look exactly like the ones pictured on the box. I'm hoping the watering concept--that the plant absorbs it from the base of the planter--will help curb my deadly watering habits. Now I just have to stay tuned for the next grocery store sale on basil plants. Seriously, what smells better than fresh basil?

I'll share my outdoor gardening successes and failures some other time.

Anyone had success nurturing a basil plant? Suggestions are very welcome.
What other herbs should I plant in my new pot?

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  1. I tried so hard to keep a basil plant attracted an annoying amount of little fruit flies and then eventually died :( However I purchased an aloe plant from IKEA and its thriving!