Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Tabled the Issue

Among my many regular keyword searches on craigslist is "lucite". I started searching after I randomly saw a listing for a lucite coat rack and I really wanted--but was completely out of my price range (even if I factored in a little friendly craigslist haggling).  So, the lucite search is more therapeutic than anything else, but sometimes cool things turn up, including this simple metal table with a lucite top.

Yay for super versatile second-hand finds! This was a coffee table in the loft pre-desk acquisition (more on that later) and then became a bedside table (more on the ever-morphing bedroom later, too) and now it hangs out beside a couch in the great room. I just saw that CB2 has a similar table, but with a glass top and a higher price tag. But it's probably able to bear more weight.

CB2 Smart Side Table $149

Any standby craigslist searches that have brought you success? Nevermind, I don't expect anyone to share their secrets.
Isn't moveable, versatile furniture the greatest!?

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  1. I decided to do a search on D.C.'s Craigslist for "lucite" out of curiosity and came across this:


    How amazing is that?!?!? Unfortunately that's more than I'd ever pay for a table. I'm cheap like that.