Monday, April 26, 2010

Rampant Shelf-ishness

Sometimes that "measure twice, cut once" mantra works, and sometimes it becomes "measure once, file down some edges for a long time..." 

I like the look of floating shelves that wrap around corners, and using some easily assembled Target shelves seemed a quick way to do it in my master bath--especially because the 24" shelf was the exact width from wall to wall over the toilet. Cue premature "hooray" now. Evidently walls are not exactly flat or exactly the same width apart all the time (of course I knew this, everyone knows this, but I didn't let that knowledge prevent a perfectly good and frustrating experience!). I wish I got a few photos (or video?) of me struggling with the shelf in between the walls of the toilet alcove--I'd get the shelf into the space about a foot, then the walls would narrow and stop my progress. Then I'd try to angle it up or down to find an area with more leeway...about 40 minutes later I was left with a shelf wedged about a foot directly above the toilet at a 45 degree angle. Yep, that half-bath by the front door definitely comes in handy. After a day-long sabbatical from the fiasco, I revisited it with back-up support, unwedged it, and whittled down the edges enough that it fit into the space like a glove. Putting up the other shelf was a comparative breeze (although it is difficult to match the planes exactly, so strategically placing items on the seam proved helpful).

So, I have more visual interest and some extra open storage (for prettier bathroom items), which may come in handy depending on future bathroom sink and vanity alterations...

I think I need to get a print or 2 on the shelf, too--so I'll be on the lookout for something that fits the bill.

The master bath is still not a finished project, but it's getting there with the shower drapes/curtains, closet organization (I'll have to post more photos of the space later), towel bar, and dresser. (And this is after the massive sunken tub/shower/closet/door/walls reno--I'll have to unearth some of those photos, too!)

Should I put the hook I got earlier (photo at this link) under the shelf on the side nearest the curtain? I'm leaning toward yes...


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