Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Going, going.....SOLD

I went to my first auction last week.

It was pretty intense and the definition of controlled chaos. There were 3 auctioners roaming through piles of items in a relatively small space and everyone had to follow them around in order to bid. If someone was interested in things that were in the path (or potential path, since there didn't seem to be a definite way of navigating) of more than one auctioner they had to be vigilant and run in from one mob of bidders to the next to get involved in the bidding for all the things they wanted.

I was outbid on a telephone switchboard (it was pretty cool, don't ask). Fortunately, dinner from the independently owned burger place across the street helped ease my pain.
This auction house runs weekly, so I'm sure I'll visit again soon... to the auction house and the burger joint, that is.

FYI--Be sure to factor the taxes and auction house percentages into the limits you're giving yourself for your top bids--those can really add up!


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