Friday, April 16, 2010

Food puzzle solution

I got home the other evening thinking I'd have to assess the contents of my fridge and run to the grocery store to fill in the gaps so I could make a sane person's dinner. Imagine my delight (really, imagine it) when I realized that I could make dinner from the food stuffs I had on hand. I've attempted to organize the thought and activity process that preceded the discovery that I didn't have to leave the house...

1. I need to use up this tofu
2. These vine-ripened tomatoes are really good and there are three left
3. I should have used this mozzarella sooner (trash)
4. The only vegetables I have are carrots and spinach leaves
5. ugh, I don't want a salad
6. What did I get these green onions for, again?
7. I have a lot of pasta and rice...
8. ooo, there's a frozen pie I need to bake (turn on oven)
9. Freezer has some corn, stir fry veggies, edamame and frozen dinners
10. Don't eat a frozen dinner, that constitutes food puzzle cheating!
11. What do I do with this tofu....? Already had stir fry and I don't love big chunks of tofu (search recipes on web and found this recipe for tofu fried rice!)


I changed a couple things from the recipe--no cashews, added stir fry veggies and chopped baby carrots (precooked the carrots so they wouldn't be disproportionately crunchy), added garlic, used this nonsense instead of soy sauce...

I forgot to take a photo of the pie until the remaining quantity was embarrassingly small. But there was pie.

Any other tofu successes? Has anyone fried tofu? That's what I want to try next.


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