Friday, March 12, 2010

Where are all the crewnecks?!

So, I have nothing against all types of sweaters, but seriously, someone direct me to a crewneck sweater in a wearable color (for someone who might be non-neutral averse) that's (mostly) natural fibers and isn't too slouchy, isn't too form fitting, isn't sheer, doesn't have a logo, isn't cableknit, and is a lighter/thin weight and has finished hems. Honestly, it's currently an endangered species! Are those specifications asking too much? The two cashmere crewneck shortsleeve sweaters and the one cashmere/cotton longsleeve sweater I have are in such heavy wardrobe rotation I'm afraid they'll fall apart in the middle of the day. They're just so perfect for the easy work outfit with a statement necklace that follows the neckline (oddly, I have plenty of chunky necklaces...for the time being). They work with pants or skirts and look great under a suit jacket. So where are they?  Mass retailers don't seem to be putting any out right now (not even White+Warren and Zara*, the origins of my current options) which is simply crazy considering they could have looks like this:

Stella McCartney from (See TheChambrayCountess's take on the look on her blog here.)
Sigh, perfection.

*ok, Zara, I'm not giving you a fighting chance since we now have a long-distance relationship, but you could win me over if you start selling online...

Update: I just did a google search and came up this option from Target--hmmm, we'll see about this one.


  1. I love crewnecks and I do not understand why there are none around when they were the perfect backdrop for the bib-style necklace trend that has been around lately! Update if you find any more leads!!

  2. Ok, this is really Marge :)
    I was having some comment program installation/removal issues and so the comments made before I switched the programs post as if I wrote them...sigh. Thanks for the comment!