Thursday, March 4, 2010

Used as a Doormat

It's been uncharacteristically rainy lately. I know I said it was unexpectedly rainy before, but I mean it this time, too. If you came into my place, you would immediately know it has been raining the past several days because of a pile of shoes by the door--taken off to not track anything into the house, but making a display that's probably more unattractive than whatever I'd be tracking in on the floor. Tracking the rain inside would likely be mitigated with an outdoor mat that actually intact and wasn't necessarily something that came with the house. My current mat is a very beat up rendition of this, which isn't offensive, but is relatively small and has seen much better days.

1. Huffco Mat $12

2. Strathwood Mat $35

3. Interlocking Mat $69 each piece

4. Crate&Barrel Grid Mat $15

5. tag Mat $27

Does anyone out there have a mudroom? I'm jealous. Well, I'm jealous a few times a year.
Any doormat preferences?


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