Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Reading is Exhausting...

...which is why Book Club snacks are necessities. My book club meets in the mid-morning, so I'm treated to brunch at least once a month (which is a great reward for staying up late and waking up early to finish the assigned reading!).

This past Sunday it was my turn to host so I made mini caprese skewers, hash brown casserole (in snack sized portions), peanut butter dip with apples and bananas, carrots/peppers/crackers to be used as vehicles for hummus, and offered some cocoa to wash it all down (with the option of enhancing it with Bailey's--perfect for the chilly morning!).

Oh, and the book we read was The History of Love, by Nicole Krauss, so I was sure to scoop up some discounted Valentine's Day candy to offer a cheesy themed treat.

Check out some reflection on the book and some other seasonally-appropriate love-themed books on the blog of a fellow book club member: Year of 100 Books

Any good reads lately?
Any other good excuses for a midday cocktail?


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