Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Putting the Fab in Fabric

I can't tell if I love envisioning projects or finishing projects more--thus far I'm much more successful at starting them up and taking my dear, sweet time to finish them (as evidenced here and here).

I recently went to SAS, a fabric warehouse that sells discarded and scrap fabric and fabric by the pound. When I was a kid I'd look forward to going because I could dunk my hands into huge bins of buttons and beads and find all things sparkly. But this time I went to rifle through piles of potential pillow covers, headboard material, dining chair upholstery, frame matting, and whatever else I can identify as a "need" in my house.

This photo can't even begin to document the treasure hunt that is shopping at SAS.

But after it was all done (and only $17 later), I had some nice neutrals in various weights, a potential headboard cover, and a faux leather woven material that will end up somewhere awesome.

Until the projects get underway, the haul is adding to a little tableau (ok, chairau?) in a corner of my bedroom.

Does anyone else always carry paint swatches with them--just in case?


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