Sunday, March 14, 2010

Punchy Chandelier Part 2

I may have intended for the follow-up to my initial post about my punch cup chandelier project to celebrate its brilliant (literally) completion, but it's currently languishing in an intermediate state that I thought I'd share, anyway.

Intermediate ta da!

It's wiring and hanging and functioning just fine (thanks, Dad!). I'm thinking i need to finish off the top--maybe with a band of fabric that mirrors the color on the angled portion of the ceiling alcove. (Good thing I made that fabric haul, right?) And I have a handful more punch cups to even out the top portion

Doesn't it look 50 times better than when it was suspended between 2 chairs during the beginning of the process?
Expect a post when I finally finish it up!

FYI, if you try this at home, expect it to weigh a TON--and to have to reinforce the chain appropriately.
Also, it's useful if the light is connected to a dimmer switch--with all the lightbulbs and the clear glass it can get pretty bright. Mine is on a dimmer switch, but I still might only screw in half the lightbulbs all the way so it's not as blinding.


  1. I hope you're pre-planning for easy access to change lightbulbs! Looks super cool though :)

  2. Ha, I think the cleaning/dusting will be more of an undertaking. The cups are just hanging so you can push them from one side to the other to get to the bulbs. But I'm thinking I'll need to carve out at least an hour of time when I eventually need to clean all that glass!

  3. Ok, this is really Marge :)
    I was having some comment program installation/removal issues and so the comments made before I switched the programs post as if I wrote them...sigh. Thanks for the comment!