Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Orange you glad I didn't waste fruit?

I'm beginning to see a link between elements of the relatively edited sparse decor in my house:  food. There's a burlap bag of walnuts on the entryway credenza, bowls for pistachios and their discarded shells lined up on a tray on the coffee table, some candy in a stainless bowl on the kitchen counter and some citrus fruit visible as you walk in the front door:

But at least the decor can be useful... What's better than a visual pick-me-up? One that's attractive and offers you a snack! All that citrus color is pretty punchy for a monochromatic house, no? Got to love the sporadic gifts from overly abundant grapefruit and orange trees of friends. I'm thinking about planting a mini orange tree in my yard...maybe I should get a juicer for added incentive.


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