Thursday, March 25, 2010

Home is a Place to Hang Your Towel

I'm still not set on the towel placement in the master bath, but necessity required that I get at least one towel bar on the wall--whether or not it will be moved eventually. I was looking for a towel bar with clean lines, no decor or embelishment, and a brushed metal. Something like these...
1. Robern Smart $152
2. Home Collection $103

Since the high prices of pared-down items continually amaze me, (in a that-must-be-amazing/handcrafted/quality way, not in a that's-in-my-price-range way) I went to Target and emerged with this:

I wasn't banking on it having any detail at all, but I think the look is clean enough that I'm happy with it.

And with the perspective that the $16 pricetag wasn't too bad, I got a matching hook, too.

We'll see where that ends up.

On the note of towels, I just got more white towels and washcloths at OneKingsLane (again, huge fan of sample sale sites)--I'm excited to retire the aqua towels (from a decor scheme from long ago that is great, but not my current look) that I've been having to replace with my very limited supply of not-so-awesome white towels when people come over. The towels were about the same price as Ross/TJMaxx/Marshalls--and hopefully will fare better than the cheapy white towels I got at Ross. Sometimes the extra buck a towel is worth it.

Any stories of solved fixture "situations"?
Is it too weird to have your towel bar and shower on the opposite sides of the bathroom?


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