Friday, March 5, 2010

Dinner Dilemma Averted

After running errands post-workday (including returning this--I want a salt pig/pot/cellar, but I'd constantly think of South Park's Kenny if this was on my kitchen counter), I was coming up on an In-and-Out Burger (my lone fast food indulgence) and was salivating for a quick dinner since I had nothing substantial at home. It wasn't until I was in the inescapable turn lane that I realized that I'm not eating meat on Fridays. Sheesh. So, Plan B--grocery store. When I got there I do what I always do:  grab a handbasket, subconsciously load it with the heaviest items in the store, have my arm fall asleep, and rush through my shopping because I'm uncomfortable. This left me with mozzarella medallions, apples, carrots, orange juice, edamame, mushrooms, 2 pints of Ben & Jerry's, and a loaf of kalamata olive bread. Awesome.

I started brainstorming how to make a meal out of my haul and remembered a potato salad I made (recipe courtesy Giada) for a family dinner a few weeks ago. It was so great ate the leftovers for every meal until it was gone.

Anyway, I used up a third of a pound of grape tomatoes (from my caprese skewers at book club), cut up about 8 mushrooms, 4 mozzarella medallions, some scallions and parsley (leftover from the potato salad prep, but I swear they were still good), peppered it and called it a day. I probably would've added olive oil had the tomatoes not been so juicy. Had that with a couple toasted slices of kalamata loaf drizzled with olive oil.
Ok, so I actually had already eaten the bread slices I toasted first...with cream cheese, mmm, miraculously still in the I had to toast more. And then I had another slice with cream cheese for good measure.
Nice and light and maybe I'll have room for ice cream after I return home later tonight.
Anyone have any dinner goulash standbys?
Seriously, try Giada's potato salad and get back to me--great stuff.


  1. I have to find myself some of that kalamata olive bread! This looks really tasty, I like the colors as well!

  2. Ok, this is really Marge :)
    I was having some comment program installation/removal issues and so the comments made before I switched the programs post as if I wrote them...sigh. Thanks for the comment!