Saturday, March 27, 2010

Couldn't Contain Myself!

So, exciting news....wait for it..... I just visited The Container Store!
Yeah, I knew you'd be excited for me.

I had a list of areas that need organization inspiration--pantry, closet under the stairs, garage storage, laundry room closet--and went to town. Well, not exactly, but I did get some items to combat this:

This is under my staircase and has to be the antithesis of a dozen feng shui principles.

Just like I always do (literally, always) before shopping at a store for the first time, I check out their website and sign up for their emails. Usually there's a welcome email with a coupon--which was definitely the case with the Container Store.

P.S. When I checked out, I commented to the cashier that I was amazed that she had fit a cart full of items into 2 bags. After she trailed off in her comment that it's her favorite part of the job, she quickly interjected "but I know it should be the people, but it's so fun to see how few bags I can use." It's always refreshing to meet someone who seems to be in the perfect job for them.


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