Thursday, March 11, 2010

Chandelier Dilemma

The ongoing chandelier saga continues. You may have seen the earlier incarnations of the chandelier here and here and, well, it looks pretty such the same. But there's a reason! I finally was gifted some thrifted glass plates to finish off the top row of the chandelier--they're a perfect size and fit right in between the wires that extend outward, so I got a plate holder at Michael's to experiment mounting the plate on that top chandelier wire. Need a visual? I always do...

Looks like a plan, right? The plate holder lines up with the chandelier frame and a wire can be twisted around both to secure it. Painless. Except for the dearth of colors available for the plate holders. I have yet to discover a color option other than gold or shiny brass (read: gold) for these plate holders! Why?!

But, after searching online and in stores (walking into the plate hanger store, etc) I was resigned to the fact I'd have to work with the gold ones. So I thought I'd spraypaint them--makes sense, I love spraypainting, (not just because of the scent, I promise) yipee. But I'm confronted with more dilemmas--the springs will be compressed when I paint and will expand when they're in use, likely causing cracks in the spraypaint and overall not-nice-looking-ness. And the rubber cushiony things that enclose the wire portion that touches the plate are impossible to remove. Even if they were possible to remove, I'd need them back on the wire (since the chandelier is below the loft and heavy foot traffic--or a mean session of double dutch--can shake the chandelier) and putting them back on might flake the paint, as well.

Phew, there's my predicament. Any thoughts? Is the gold a deal-breaker? Advice and/or commiseration welcome...


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