Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Wooden Stools

Ever since I found this cool number, I've been wanting to get at least one more stool that can double (or triple?) as a plant stand, end table, stool, sort of sculptural piece.

I've been stalking Remodelista--a fantastic blog that gives great inspiration. They had some low stools/ottomans featured, including these:

Alma Allen Turned Stools

Eames Walnut Stool $829

Ok, so sometimes the prices for the items are a little too inspirational for me, but having a visual of a coveted item or a new project idea is helpful and fun, so I had these images in the back of my mind.

Fast forward to the day I picked up an antique bread box for a friend at an antique center and had 20 minutes before they closed to roam around and check out the different booths. And I found this solid wood sculptural piece (for $50!):
Of course, I'm still debating on the antique purchase. I just can't dismiss my internal conflict of wanting to operate with no buyer's remorse and appreciating a good return policy, while prefering craigslisting, thrifting and antiquing for character and cost reasons.

And it's impossible to stop trying to develop a perspective for the cost of the table--I was checking out OneKingsLane today (check out my frequented sample sale site descriptions and invitations here) and came across this:
Barbara Cosgrove Side Table, $299

With all this in mind, let me know your thoughts. Should I go for the table from the antique center if it's still available?
Hmm, the clock is ticking, let me know what you think!


  1. The Barbara Cosgrove is amazing, but $299 :/ You should use this as an end table instead

  2. Ok, this is really Marge :)
    I was having some comment program installation/removal issues and so the comments made before I switched the programs post as if I wrote them...sigh. Thanks for the comment! (and the awesome brush table link...I wonder if the bristles are stable enough to sit on)