Thursday, February 11, 2010

Wishes for Dishes

I've been lucky to have roommates for the past several years (including my folks, naturally), who have had extensive kitchen supplies--silverware, glasses, plates, small appliances, the works. Which means I went for quite awhile without paying attention to anything kitchen related except food! After moving into my place, I thought about posting a roommate ad along the lines of "Seeking Roommate: Kitchen supplies required, ability to live in remodeling chaos a plus..." but ultimately I decided I would have to face the unknown and research some dishes.

And after considerable internet legwork, I found them!

Timeless, gorgeous, reviewed at 5 out of 5 stars!
And priced at only $30 per plate, they were a steal!
...for someone else, I suppose. Cue sigh of resigned disappointment.

Wedgwood Dishes

So, back to the drawing board--which was even more difficult because I now had a pretty definite idea of what I wanted, so I was relatively unexcited about the whole process. Fortunately I'm dating someone who is was so averse to hearing my (constant?) complaining about the lack of perfect dishes at the perfect price that he sent me some links to a few options...including these:

Woohoo! The well-proportioned curved sides that I wanted, the unadorned, crisp white, the subtly tapered edges and at an absolute fraction of the cost.

Crate&Barrel Outlet Coupe Plates

(I'm not going to lie, when I saw some of the prices for china in the Wedgwood realm it took me a couple moments to realize that the prices were quoted per plate. It's also possible that I wouldn't fully appreciate the fantastic quality of china if I was always terrified of marring the set.)

The plates got great online reviews (a mere tenth of a star less than the Wedgwood's rating) and have held up well. The only setback was that I find them versatile enough to use for serving dishes and they fit in a tiered plate holder that's perfect for hors d'oeuvres or cookies (thanks, Kim!), so I tend run out of dinner plates during big dinners!

Any dishware/glassware/servingware successes?
Have you gotten any awesome hand-me-downs or are you that roommate that always supplies the KT items?
Most importantly, could I put you on my list of people who would be willing to eat dinner off a salad plate?


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