Monday, February 1, 2010

My jewelry's been framed!

When I took a breather after moving and traveling, I decided that I needed to store my jewelry in a more accessible manner than in the fish tackle boxes that I'd been carting around in my suitcase. If I'm going to wear something, I need to know it exists or I forget about it, so I needed an uncluttered display option for my accumulated bling. Luckily, my sister had experimented with hanging her jewelry in frames, so I had my future project in mind.

So, when I saw a $10 box o'frames advertised as a Black Friday door buster I decided that the deal was worth leaving my toasty bed in the middle of the night (eh, I was unemployed at the time, it's not like I couldn't nap later). After securing my set of 10 variously sized frames I promptly put them (you guessed it from previous my project M.O.) in my parents' garage.

This was one of the projects I did soon after moving in, since I already had it conceptualized and the materials were readily available.

I picked up some inexpensive linen look material (a yard was plenty), some cork tiles from Lowe's (they come in a pack and are pretty inexpensive) and got to work. I removed the glass from the frames (it went into the garage to wait for a future project, naturally), doubled the fabric and placed it over the cork (you can secure them together if you want, but it wasn't necessary for me), which I had cut to fit the frame. Don't worry if this fabric/cork stack is too thick to secure the frame backing like you would a regular photo--just tape the backing securely to the backside of the frame and you can use the existing hanger to hook it on a nail. I bought some sturdy pins and got my jewelry organized!

I have mine inside my closet:

My sister has has hers displayed on her bedroom wall with different frames that she's accumulated, which makes for a cool aesthetic, too.

Do you have any accessories on display? Shoes on a bookshelf, china on a wall, hats in the entryway?


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