Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Drapes: a Looming Issue?

I've already spoken about my habit of mulling over project ideas ad nauseum before beginning (here and here, for example), but it's all just part of the creative process and sometimes saves me some money, mistakes or regrets in the end.

That said, I still found it ridiculous that I spent a month showering in the upstairs bathroom while I decided what to do for my shower curtain in the master bath.

I wanted to visually elongate the low ceilings (only 7 feet high) and complement the natural floor and shower wall tiles. Ultimately I found my main project supplies at IKEA:
KVARTAL ceiling mounted curtain rods (I used the curved portions to extend the curtain away from the tub)
LENDA curtains (be on the lookout for their periodic curtain discounts!)
I bought 4 inch buckrum/header for the top hem of the curtain at a fabric supply store, along with some hooks that hook into the sliders on the curtain rod.
I also used some hole reinforcements for the screws that attach the rod to the ceiling drywall.

After expert sewing assistance (thanks, Mom!), my curtains were natural, drapey perfection!

I love the look of the shower light glow behind the curtains when the rest of the bathroom is dark, and I think the break near the bottom hem softens all the angles in the space. I also like to think that anyone who wanders into the bathroom can envision a tidy closet behind the drawn curtain, but I can gather it to the side for frequent access without blocking any walkway or closet space.

Now I just need to develop a concept for affordable curtains in the living room and master bedroom...

PS: If you have a similar project in mind, be prepared to spend about $10 to $12 more on your plastic curtain liner! The standard size didn't end quite low enough to stay in the tub.

Update:  I subbed out the plastic curtain liner for a fabric liner after becoming unnerved about the possibility of off-gassing from the curtain. Even if the off-gassing isn't an issue, it's nice to be able to throw the liner in the washing machine periodically instead of trying to scrub the plastic one and laying it in the sun to avoid gross shower build-up.


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