Thursday, January 28, 2010

Sweater Invasion

As much as a like to think my closet shows how much I like color, a few piles of wool/cashmere/silk/cotton make it appear that I've never seen a gray or black sweater that I didn't like. Which I suppose is true--there are the deep vnecks that I pair with tie neck blouses for work and the crewnecks that I accessorize with chunky necklaces and the the shortsleeve sweaters that I wear even through they're not quite warm enough for the blasting indoor air-conditioning in summer and not quite cool enough for the roasting cross-parking lot walk to my car. And I still find myself gravitating toward that section every time I shop for clothing! These are a few that I have my sights set on now...
1. JCrew scallop zipper cardigan $98
2. BR drapey sweater vest $80
3. White+Warren turtleneck $100 (sale)
4. h.i.p. tab-front jersey cardigan $32
5. Marc by MJ striped cardigan $199
6. Tory Burch ruffle v-neck $135 (sale)
...the detail is easier to see with the lighter color options
7. Martin+Osa striped cardigan $60 (sale)

What does your wardrobe feature that you've purchased in multiples? tissue tanks? platform pumps? cigarette jeans? oversized hoodies?
Are there any colors that dominate your closet?

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  1. I have a tendency to wear a lot of black. I thought switching to grey was a big step. These days I have a tendency to lean towards bold prints. I'm in love #2...that drapey sweater vest is amazing!