Thursday, January 28, 2010

The sky is falling....into my home!

I'm fortunate to live in sunshine (and I'll keep saying it until my skin begins to irreparably sag because of sun over-exposure), so downpours are a novel event. It's so novel that many folks are unable to operate a car in a normal fashion (I don't exclude myself), feel that it's too cold and wet to get errands done (or maybe it's just me) and roof repair trucks dot neighborhoods during any pauses in rainfall. Unfortunately, one of those homes featuring a roof repair truck was mine--which arrived after a day of trying to determine if I was experiencing a pipe leak or roof leak and having to shower at my brother's (you get desperate when your hair is gross and your water is turned off). But after a deluge in the middle of my master bathroom and a waterfall that ravaged a portion of a wall in "perfect gray" in my front entryway, the roofers seem to have it taken care of. But I feel like my condo let me down a little. I mean, I've been nice to it, haven't I? Is it getting back at me because I've taken too long updating the finish on the not-so-attractively-colored credenza? Hopefully the house got its angst out and we'll be on speaking terms again. Well, at least until the next downpour.

Any frustrating home repair stories with (hopefully) positive outcomes?


  1. Sorry about the roof. At least you have an excuse to buy fabulous umbrellas for your house now!

  2. Ok, this is really Marge :)
    I was having some comment program installation/removal issues and so the comments made before I switched the programs post as if I wrote them...sigh. Thanks for the comment!