Friday, January 29, 2010

Punch-Drunk Lighting

After sending my sister to an office specializing in tractor rentals to purchase a couple boxes of old glass punch cups (I think she secretly enjoyed the experience), I was well on my way to making a chandelier. Ok, I was well on my way to storing the boxes in my parents' garage while I stayed with them and looked for a perfect (or not exactly perfect) place to live. It was almost 2 years until I reopened the boxes (although they were put to use in the interim at a family bridal shower) and I promptly stored them again. But at least they were now in my own garage! Eventually a frame was secured (freebie!), which I spraypainted matte silver, rigged between 2 chairs and started hanging the neglected punch cups with fishing wire. Some photos of the progression of the fishing wire hanging process...

I'll update later with some photos of it installed and ideas for finishing the project. And there are so many other things I need to start up, too!

Do you have any project materials that have found a semi-permanent space in the garage/closet/office? Have you ever resurrected a project?


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