Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The "Perfect Gray"

Or grey. Anyway, I like calling it the perfect gray because it means I didn't waste weeks of deliberation and nearly a dozen paint samples during the lengthy selection process. I erroneously thought that my monochromatic goal would simplify my life. But I can only blame myself because I felt it necessary to see each color option painted in at least one spot in every room in every type of light during the day and artificially lit at night. After polling everyone I could lure to my uncomfortable house in the throes of remodel and realizing that I needed to make a decision soon to get the mail-in rebate from Home Depot, I had my color!

If it doesn't seem drumroll-worthy to you, or Ashwood doesn't seem like a sufficiently dynamic name, it's probably just that a computer monitor can't do it justice. Or that you're simply a more rational person.

Now all I needed was to choose which areas I wanted to paint the slightly darker shade and start gearing up for the same process in the bathrooms and the second story. Evidently, the "perfect gray" wasn't that perfect with the upstairs carpet and the bathroom tile...maybe I didn't know what I was getting myself into when I shifted my design decisions to neutral.

Any paint colors that you obsessed over before selecting? Or are you still on the lookout for that perfect teal, coral or ecru?

Or, just as important, do you spell it gray with an "a" or grey with an "e"?


  1. I was excited when I saw The "Perfect Gray" as a title. For I was certain you would be entertaining topics based around the impressive reptoire of the well known, beautifully versed Irish singer :http://www.davidgray.com/default.aspx

    But alas, my mock confusion does aid to answer one of your questions; Gray not grey. Not because as Wipipedia states "some U.S. only" in reference to where Gray is spoke but because it reminds me of David Gray and his great music.

    On another note I think your profile should read; decidedly neutral & quietly* opinionated. Ha ha, but that may be only how I see it.

  2. Good thing you tested them out. We tried a gray in the bathroom and it looks more like a blue-gray then we wanted. Who knew that gray could look blue?

  3. grEy for me... you girls get faaar too into the color scheme. Thats why I just let Jen deal with it. When we painted our house, she gave me 12 different beiges to choose from, I just closed my eyes and pointed. Looks just fine to me ;)


  4. I totally agree! One of the colors I tried (it was initially my top choice from the sample cards) magically became purple when it was on the wall...
    Blue-gray doesn't sound too shabby, though!