Friday, January 29, 2010

Punch-Drunk Lighting

After sending my sister to an office specializing in tractor rentals to purchase a couple boxes of old glass punch cups (I think she secretly enjoyed the experience), I was well on my way to making a chandelier. Ok, I was well on my way to storing the boxes in my parents' garage while I stayed with them and looked for a perfect (or not exactly perfect) place to live. It was almost 2 years until I reopened the boxes (although they were put to use in the interim at a family bridal shower) and I promptly stored them again. But at least they were now in my own garage! Eventually a frame was secured (freebie!), which I spraypainted matte silver, rigged between 2 chairs and started hanging the neglected punch cups with fishing wire. Some photos of the progression of the fishing wire hanging process...

I'll update later with some photos of it installed and ideas for finishing the project. And there are so many other things I need to start up, too!

Do you have any project materials that have found a semi-permanent space in the garage/closet/office? Have you ever resurrected a project?

Thursday, January 28, 2010

The sky is falling....into my home!

I'm fortunate to live in sunshine (and I'll keep saying it until my skin begins to irreparably sag because of sun over-exposure), so downpours are a novel event. It's so novel that many folks are unable to operate a car in a normal fashion (I don't exclude myself), feel that it's too cold and wet to get errands done (or maybe it's just me) and roof repair trucks dot neighborhoods during any pauses in rainfall. Unfortunately, one of those homes featuring a roof repair truck was mine--which arrived after a day of trying to determine if I was experiencing a pipe leak or roof leak and having to shower at my brother's (you get desperate when your hair is gross and your water is turned off). But after a deluge in the middle of my master bathroom and a waterfall that ravaged a portion of a wall in "perfect gray" in my front entryway, the roofers seem to have it taken care of. But I feel like my condo let me down a little. I mean, I've been nice to it, haven't I? Is it getting back at me because I've taken too long updating the finish on the not-so-attractively-colored credenza? Hopefully the house got its angst out and we'll be on speaking terms again. Well, at least until the next downpour.

Any frustrating home repair stories with (hopefully) positive outcomes?

Sweater Invasion

As much as a like to think my closet shows how much I like color, a few piles of wool/cashmere/silk/cotton make it appear that I've never seen a gray or black sweater that I didn't like. Which I suppose is true--there are the deep vnecks that I pair with tie neck blouses for work and the crewnecks that I accessorize with chunky necklaces and the the shortsleeve sweaters that I wear even through they're not quite warm enough for the blasting indoor air-conditioning in summer and not quite cool enough for the roasting cross-parking lot walk to my car. And I still find myself gravitating toward that section every time I shop for clothing! These are a few that I have my sights set on now...
1. JCrew scallop zipper cardigan $98
2. BR drapey sweater vest $80
3. White+Warren turtleneck $100 (sale)
4. h.i.p. tab-front jersey cardigan $32
5. Marc by MJ striped cardigan $199
6. Tory Burch ruffle v-neck $135 (sale)
...the detail is easier to see with the lighter color options
7. Martin+Osa striped cardigan $60 (sale)

What does your wardrobe feature that you've purchased in multiples? tissue tanks? platform pumps? cigarette jeans? oversized hoodies?
Are there any colors that dominate your closet?

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The "Perfect Gray"

Or grey. Anyway, I like calling it the perfect gray because it means I didn't waste weeks of deliberation and nearly a dozen paint samples during the lengthy selection process. I erroneously thought that my monochromatic goal would simplify my life. But I can only blame myself because I felt it necessary to see each color option painted in at least one spot in every room in every type of light during the day and artificially lit at night. After polling everyone I could lure to my uncomfortable house in the throes of remodel and realizing that I needed to make a decision soon to get the mail-in rebate from Home Depot, I had my color!

If it doesn't seem drumroll-worthy to you, or Ashwood doesn't seem like a sufficiently dynamic name, it's probably just that a computer monitor can't do it justice. Or that you're simply a more rational person.

Now all I needed was to choose which areas I wanted to paint the slightly darker shade and start gearing up for the same process in the bathrooms and the second story. Evidently, the "perfect gray" wasn't that perfect with the upstairs carpet and the bathroom tile...maybe I didn't know what I was getting myself into when I shifted my design decisions to neutral.

Any paint colors that you obsessed over before selecting? Or are you still on the lookout for that perfect teal, coral or ecru?

Or, just as important, do you spell it gray with an "a" or grey with an "e"?

Decidedly Neutral & Quite Opinionated

I hope you enjoy reading and sharing while I explore my fun challenge of trying to aspire to a well-curated design standard while embracing a whirlwind of ideals.